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Itchy Teeth

Xav Clarke

'Xav Clarke sounds like he inhabits a surreal wonderland; a place far more colourful and fantastical than plain old Earth. There’s a wide-eyed, dreamlike quality to his work that notices you down his particular rabbit hole. 

The first song to be released from this new solo record ‘Magic Arrow’ is the chill funk groove of ‘Underachiever’. “I’m destined to be the second-best side of me,” Clarke sings on it, sharing a worry that many of us will be familiar with. “It’s about that feeling that you’re gonna get discovered and outed – that underachiever side, the lazy side,” 

His forthcoming debut album ‘Magic Arrow’ feels like that kind of limitless record, dipping from soft and elegant, sax-infused instrumentals like ‘Sleepy Magics’ to the gentle psych-pop pick-me-up of ‘Sometimes Everyone Goes To The Zoo’ and the surreal, existential lyricism of ‘No One Understands This Thing Called Life!!’ 

- Rhian Daly (Composer Magazine)

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